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A success story

In 1950 the Klinger Group entered the Italian market through “Tenger & Zollinger”, a boiler level indicator production company founded in 1895, as a local partner for the distribution of its products and in 1960 the Company was purchased by the Klinger Group, opening its Italian branch.
Today, after more than 125 years, Klinger Italy is the production center of glass and magnetic level indicators for the entire Klinger Group and also distributes, on the Italian market, Klinger valves and seals together with other commercial brands, offering a complete range of solutions able to meet the needs of its customers in all industrial sectors.

Prodotti Klinger


Tradition and innovation

KLINGER Italy, with its wide range of products, is a reliable and safe partner for everything related to flow and gas control. Thanks to the articles produced in the Group’s historic offices and those of the recent strategic acquisitions, KLINGER Italy can cover the needs of customers in many fields of application and where quality is a must.


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KLINGER products can be found in many different markets and sectors worldwide. We develop industry and region specific solutions that help make our customers successful today and in the future. Our leading-edge products, the know-how of our specialists and the proximity to our customers are the connecting elements of our market approach.