Great celebrations complete with a commemorative  plaque and a small gift trip for our “veterans” Adriano Zenobi and Elisabetta Morazzoni whom in 2015 blew out 35 candles of honored service in Klinger Italy.

A journey started in the far 1980 when everything was different… when there were nor fax neither email, not even internet or mobile phones, there was tissue paper instead of photocopies…

During those days there was much work to do, same as now, but the only computer that existed was locked up in everyone’ head whereby trust in others and in their own abilities, in their memory, in their own way of organizing work was essential.

Of course, now everything is easier, almost all is automated, it’s hard to process with wrong orders, to forget something … but surely memory of those times always makes you smile and sometimes also regret a little whoever has passed through.
Klinger Italy is also this: a past full of memories, a “time travel” that continues today … a passion that never ends!
Still a heartfelt wish to our “veterans! “