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HQ in Rho (MI)

With its 40 employees and an annual turnover of around 10 million euros, KLINGER is currently one of the best companies on the Italian market as well as a world leader in the production and marketing of Instrumentation products.

KLINGER produces, in Italy and abroad, gaskets and industrial technical items, products for the control of fluids such as: valves, pumps, level indicators, flow drains, flow indicators, filters and various systems for the aforementioned control, products and other items for industrial use.

KLINGER operates in Italy through three sectors: for Industrial Sealing and Fluid Control as a distributor of KLINGER branded products, while with Instrumentation there is a sector dedicated to the production and trade in Italy and in the world of Indicators of which KLINGER boasts the exclusive production within the group.

From 1 May 2021, KLINGER Italy acquired Burocco Industrial Valves S.r.l. through a merger, forming a single consolidated reality for quality, construction flexibility, professionalism and competitiveness recognized all over the world.

From 25 November 2021 Spiralit S.r.l., specialized in the production of gaskets, also joins the KLINGER Italy group.

Burocco Division (BI)

Sede spiralit

Spiralit HQ (Locate Triulzi, Milan)

Since 1954 Burocco Industrial Valves S.r.l. is engaged in continuous research in the field of shut-off and regulation valves, with the aim of placing on the market products ready to meet the growing demands made by customers in terms of quality and technology.

The modern production site has made it possible to respond even better to market demands with the development of new products, enriching the range of models aimed at various sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, cryogenic, steel, food, textile and industrial sectors in general.

The constant synergy with customers has allowed the company, over the years, to build and supply customized products, enriching its experience in the most varied applications. The company, which has always been alongside the manufacturer, is able to develop and produce the most suitable solution, integrating it properly with the system and ensuring long and correct operation.

For over 50 years Spiralit has been engaged in the construction of industrial gaskets and sealing systems. Spiralit’s goal is not only to produce gaskets at the highest level of quality, but above all to offer itself as a safe and reliable partner, capable of offering qualified products and services to its customers.

Up-to-date production systems, such as Water Jet and Flash Cut equipped with the most sophisticated nesting software, machines for the production of high quality Camprofile gaskets, automatic spiraling machines that guarantee precision and timeliness even for non-standard products, allow us to offer a service indispensable and competitive products to all those who are not satisfied with those from low-cost countries.

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