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Kammprofile Gaskets: perfect for Tough Applications

Camprofile type gaskets have proven their effectiveness in a wide range of industrial applications, providing a reliable seal while protecting flanges under the most critical and severe operating conditions. Due to their compactness, Camprofile gaskets are a viable alternative to the more commonly used Spiral Wound gaskets, solving some of the problems during assembly and providing structural strength to larger gaskets.

Construction of Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile gaskets consist of a flat metal ring whose surfaces are grooved. Following the requirements of the ASME B 16.20 standard, and then coated with a layer of softer material, which forms the active part of the gasket, ensuring both sealing and flange protection.

Thanks to the most modern and advanced processing systems, KLINGER Italy’s Camprofile gaskets can be made in any size, from 5 to 5000mm in diameter, with grooves in constant pitch and depth, or in convex “CX” finishing.

The precision of KLINGER Italy’s machinery allows for grooving with centesimal pitch and depth. All gaskets are obtained by machining sheared bars or sheet metal, made with a “Water-Jet” system to avoid hardening of the material at the edges, a typical problem with more common laser cutting. The core of the gasket can be made from various metal alloys, but it is recommended to use the same material as the seat in which it will be placed.

KLINGER Italy can produce one-piece, seamless gaskets up to 1500 mm outside diameter, with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 5 mm and sealing bands up to 80/100mm.

Benefits of Using Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile gaskets have a number of significant advantages for industrial applications. First of all, as mentioned earlier, toughness is one of the strengths of these gaskets. Due to their construction with a metal ring, these gaskets maintain their structural strength even when produced in large sizes.

In addition, Camprofile gaskets offer a significant advantage during assembly. Their construction makes it possible to reduce the flange tightness required to achieve an effective seal.

The ability to customize Camprofile gaskets to the size and specifications of the application makes them extremely versatile. Whether small or large, KLINGER Italy’s Camprofile gaskets can be custom manufactured to meet the needs of your system.

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