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Large-Scale Kammprofiles: the construction challenges

Kammprofile gaskets are seals with excellent compactness capable of operating even under the most severe operating conditions. They consist of a flat metal ring whose surfaces are grooved following the requirements of the regulations and then coated with a layer of softer material. This layer will form the active part of the gasket, which ensures the seal. We have discussed this in more detail in this article.

When we go beyond 1500mm.

The ring that makes up Kammprofiles gaskets can be made in two ways, depending on the requested final size of the gasket:

  • Within 1500mm the ring will consist of a single, unwelded piece obtained by cutting a sheet of metal.
  • Beyond 1500mm the metal ring is made from sheared bars to be calendered.

And it is in the calendering process that we can find the first critical issues. To prevent the material from deforming, the process must be gradual. Excessive bending of the metal bars could lead the deformation of the material, compromising the solidity that this type of gasket boasts. Following this operation, both ends of the bar are welded together, resulting in a single ring. This will then be grooved with special machinery and then coated with the required inorganic material.

Requests for the production of large Camprofiles are not the order of the day, but KLINGER Italy recently faced this stimulating production challenge, receiving a request from our esteemed customer Walter Tosto SpA for the construction of Camprofiles with a diameter of more than 3 meters.

How large sizes challenge us.

If ring construction in many cases proves difficult, this is not the case for our Production Specialist Stefano Del Duca:

"By now, after more than 10 years of doing this, I no longer find particular difficulties in the production of rings for Kammprofiles, so much so that I can produce up to 6 Camprofiles of this size per day."

If the manufacture of the rings has no more secrets for Stefano, the most difficult variable to manage is precisely the size: "The only real challenge we have in the production of large seals is the handling, every movement represents a difficulty, and so we have to make a specific support so as to avoid deformation.

At KLINGER Italy we love challenges, and we are even more motivated when these lead to the satisfaction of our customers. Experiences like the one we had with Walter Tosto SpA are what motivates us to always give our best.

Voice of the Customer: Success in Industrial Applications.

Gianluca Speranza, Project Manager at Walter Tosto Spa, was keen to share the experience he had with KLINGER Italy, emphasizing the technical expertise of our team that played a key role in the success of their projects. The technical knowledge, the overcoming of challenges encountered with innovative solutions and the timeliness in solving problems were particularly appreciated.

He added with respect to the delivered product: "The large gaskets from KLINGER are easy to install despite their large scale, presenting a reinforced inner core that allows for proper handling.

These types of gaskets tend to conform to our technical requirements by being able to adapt to installation on complex and large equipment, with wide ranges of applicability thus meeting our requirements for installations on our reactor exchangers and process fermenters operating in a variety of sectors ranging from chemical to pharmaceutical and petrochemical."

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