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Spiralit, KLINGER Italy's trump card for 2023!

Spiralit acquisition and new goals for 2023!

Like every beginning of the year, this 2023 brings with it a desire in each of us to set goals to improve ourselves. KLINGER Italy is no different. In fact, we have set ourselves some goals. For example, that of improving the level of services offered to our clients, starting with customer service and ending with more technical consultations. For years at KLINGER Italy, we have been striving to provide quality level gauges, made from decades of experience in the industry. However, we are always working to be able to meet our customers' needs.

With the acquisition of valve manufacturer BUROCCO, we were able to expand our valve offering in 2021. This year we officially welcome our colleagues from Spiralit, a manufacturer of industrial high-quality seals. As of January 1, the merger with KLINGER Italy is official. This acquisition allows us to strengthen our presence in the Italian market and beyond.

Expanding the product range and strengthening internal collaboration!

Throughout 2022, we have already had the pleasure of starting to collaborate with our new colleagues from Spiralit. But this year will mark a year of more tangible changes. In particular, the merger of our companies allows us to expand our product range. Industrial gaskets will complement KLINGER Italy's extensive product catalogue.

KLINGER Italy is ready to face the new year with enthusiasm. We will strive to refine our internal collaboration. Despite the distance between us, cooperation will play a key role. Especially now that we have more than doubled our workforce. Our three plants are to become one! At the same time, we will work alongside you to help you overcome any challenges and achieve your goals. We will give you as much support as possible through our highly qualified staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have any questions about our new products in the catalogue.

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